Here comes the full episode walkthrough of 123bee's newest escape game, Infant Room Escape.

You will find the video walkthrough and step by step walkthough in this post.

We hope that this post will help you to complete the game and escape!

Click Here To Play Infant Room Escape

Lets start with the video walkthrough first:

And then here comes the step by step walkthrough:

Get the toy from right side of the drawer.
Open the third drawer, get the screwdriver, insulation tape and cutter.
Get the hammer from the first driver. Zoom out.
Click on the pillow on the top of the drawer and get the bullet from there. Zoom out.
Click on the teddy bear to zoom and drag the cutter to the heart, get the dice. Zoom out.
Get the drum from the shelf.
Click on the window and get the drum sticks from the tiebacks of the curtain. Zoom out.
Click the drum in the inventory panel to open in the inner window.
Drag the drum stick to the drum and get the bullet from the drum. Close the window.
Click on the baby crib to zoom, click the pillow to move and get the cube under there. Zoom out.
Click the toy gun in the inventory panel.
Drag the two bullet to the gun and close the window.
Click on the bottom portion of the cupboard, get the dice from there.
Note the symbols around the baby toy, zoom out.
Click on the top portion of the cupboard, get the lamp. Zoom out.
Click on the bag which is behind the ladder.
Click the bag and get the cube from inside. Zoom out.
Click the top of the Almirah behind the ladder to go up.
Drag the cutter from the panel to the large elephant symbol.
Then the large car, large star. Go right.
Get the large moon, large green star, large plane. Go left and zoom out twice.
Now click the top of the Almirah and get the battery. Zoom out.
Click the baby toy in the cupboard to zoom.
Attach all the respective symbols around the baby toy.
Get the baby toy from there. Zoom out.
Click the baby toy in the inventory panel.
Click on the chest portion of the baby toy, attach the battery. Close the window.
Drag and place the baby doll near the teddy bear.
Give the toy gun to the baby doll, and click the toy gun twice, get the frame and cage.
Click the cage in the inventory panel, click the door of the cage and get the key. Close the window.
Click the frame in the inventory panel and drag the insulation tape.
Drag all the four dice to the frame. Close the window.
Click the toy in the inventory panel.
Drag the hammer to the toy. Close the window.
Click the lamp in the inventory panel, drag the screwdriver to the lamp to remove the screws.
Click on the glass of the lamp and get the cube. Close the window.
Go right, and attach the frame on the wall.
Attach the cube in the marked area which is down the right corner.
Also drag the toy from the panel to see the puzzle door.
Solve the puzzle questions, set the word Aeroplane, Car, Elephant, Star, Sun and Moon.
A key hole will appear on the door.
Use the key to escape out.

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